Stine Bergersen

Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests

Risk- and threat communication, digitalization of crisis management practices, disinformation, risk perception, privacy & data protection, practices of surveillance, research ethics, societal impacts of innovation processes in European crisis management.


I'm currently a doctoral researcher at PRIO and the Law & Criminology Faculty at Vrije Universiteit in Brussels (VUB). My doctoral project is titled "Conveying Complex Uncertainty: The Dilemmas of Communicating about Terror Threats", and was submitted in April 2023. I also work on the project Digital Emergency Communication (DIGeMERGE), and the project Disinformation and people: impacts on societal trust and resilience (FAKENEWS).

Professional background:
  • 2018- Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Law & Criminology VUB/ Dimensions of Security, PRIO
  • 2021-2022- Head of the Secretariat, "Rolleforståelseutvalget" (Ekspertutvalget som vurderte forholdet mellom politiet og Norsk Narkotikapolitiforening), The Police Department, Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security
  • 2016-2017- Researcher, Dimensions of Security, PRIO
  • 2013-2016- Research Assistant, Dimensions of Security, PRIO
  • 2012- 2014- External Examiner in Criminology (BA and MA), Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
  • ​​​​​2013- Assistant teacher in Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
  • 2012-2015- External Examiner in Police Science & Sociology, The Norwegian Police University College

  • Ongoing 2023- PhD in Criminology, Law & Criminology Faculty, Vrije Universiteit in Brussels (VUB)
  • 2012- MA in Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
  • 2010- BA in Criminology & Sociology of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
  • 2009- BA in Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

Previous projects (a selection):
  • DRIVER+ Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience- PRIO project leader
  • DIGICOM- Communicating Risk in the Digital Age
  • PERSONA- Privacy, Ethical, Regulatory and Social “No-gate crossing point solution” Acceptance
  • LASIE- Large Scale Information Exploitation of Forensic Data​
  • IRISS- Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies 
  • PACT- Public Perception of Security and Privacy: Assessing Knowledge, Collecting Evidence, Translating Research into Action 
  • PERSEUS- Protection of European Borders and Seas through the Intelligent Use of Surveillance
  • SOURCE- Virtu​al centre of excellence for research support and coordination on societal security 
  • NordSTEVA- Nordic Centre of Excellence for Security Technologies and Societal Values 



All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Bergersen, Stine (2018) Communicating Risk: A Case Study on the 2014 Terror Alert in Norway, Alternatives: Global, Local, Political. DOI: 10.1177/0304375418770300.
Wright, David; Rowena Rodrigues; Charles Raab; Richard Jones; Ivan Szekely; Kirstie Ball; Rocco Bellanova & Stine Bergersen (2015) Questioning Surveillance, Computer Law & Security Review 31(2): 280–292.
Bergersen, Stine (2014) Overvåkning og personvern: Om innsynsrett i teori og praksis, Materialisten. Tidsskrift for forskning, fagkritikk og teoretisk debatt 14(3): 47–65.

Book Chapter

Bellanova, Rocco; Stine Bergersen; Maral Mirshahi; Marit Moe-Pryce & J. Peter Burgess (2017) Exercising Access Rights in Norway, in Norris, Clive; Paul De Hert; Xavier L'Hoiry; & Antonella Galetta, eds, The Unaccountable State of Surveillance. Exercising Access Rights in Europe. Dordrecht: Springer (257–296).

Popular Article

Bergersen, Stine; Marit Moe-Pryce & Rocco Bellanova (2016) Bli kjent med din datatvilling! [Get to know your data double!], Aftenposten, 21 November.

Conference Paper

Bellanova, Rocco & Stine Bergersen (2015) Credit scoring in Norway: Surveillance, (dis)trust and the possibility of critique, presented at Trust & Surveillance, University of Gothenburg, 05.– 06.10.2015 .
Bergersen, Stine (2014) Risk, Security and New Threats: Counter Terrorism Policies in Norway 2001-2008, presented at From Schauman to Breivik: Terrorism, Political Violence and the Nordic Countries, Helsinki University, 16.–17.06.2014.
Bergersen, Stine (2014) Norwegian security- and intelligence arrangements: democratic oversight and EU- cooperation., presented at Security, intelligence and EU cooperation: Scotland's comparator countries., University of Edinburgh & ESRC (Economic & Social Research Council), 06.05.2014.

PRIO Policy Brief

Bergersen, Stine (2017) Why Communicate Terror Threats to the Public?, PRIO Policy Brief, 5. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

Bergersen, Stine (2017) Artificial Police Agents: Looking Awry, LASIE Seminar Report, 2. Oslo: PRIO.
Rødningen, Ida; Dariusz (Darek) Kloza; & Stine Bergersen (2017) Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges in the developing and implementing the system (Deliverable D2.3), LASIE Deliverables. Rome: EU FP7 LASIE project.
Bergersen, Stine; & Elodie Reuge (2017) Societal Impact Assessment Framework (D840.11), Driving Innovation For Crisis Management For European Resilience (DRIVER+). .
Bergersen, Stine (2017) D840.21 - A guide on assessing unintended societal impacts of different crisis management functions, Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience (DRIVER). Oslo: PRIO.
Rødningen, Ida; Dariusz (Darek) Kloza; & Stine Bergersen (2017) Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges in the developing and implementing the system (Deliverable D2.3)European Commission. LASIE- Large scale information exploitation of forensic data..
Kloza, Dariusz (Darek); Stine Bergersen; Rocco Bellanova; Ida Rødningen; Filipe Custódio; Apostolos Axenopoulos; & Sofia Trujillo (2016) Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges and current societal debates (Deliverable D2.2), LASIE Deliverables, 2. Rome: EU FP7 LASIE project.
Bergersen, Stine; & Mareile Kaufmann (2016) DRIVER Deliverable 91.3 Ethical procedures, risks and safeguards, Driving Innovation For Crisis Management For European Resilience (DRIVER). Oslo: PRIO.
Kaufmann, Mareile; & Stine Bergersen (2014) DRIVER Deliverable 93.1 - Identification of opportunities for positive societal impact of CM, Driving Innovation For Crisis Management For European Resilience (DRIVER). Oslo: PRIO.

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