Jessica Hagen-Zanker

PRIO Global Fellow

Jessica Hagen-Zanker
Additional position(s):
Senior Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Work phone: +44 (0)20 7922 0371
Twitter: @j_hagenzanker
Jessica Hagen-Zanker is an External Associate at PRIO.


​Dr Jessica Hagen-Zanker is a Senior Research Fellow at ODI, leading the institute's migration research.  She holds a PhD in Public Policy from Maastricht University. Jessica's research focused on understanding how migration, economic and social policies affect migrant decision-making, impacts of migration on migrants and their families and the interlinkages between migration and social protection, drawing on mixed methods and covering a diverse range of countries, including Albania, Ethiopia and Nepal. 

Jessica closely collaborates with PRIO on the EC funded five-year MIGNEX project which seeks to contribute to more effective and coherent migration management through evidence-based understanding of the linkages between development and migration. Jessica leads on the survey of 12,500 respondents, as well as the impact maximisation work package.


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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Hagen-Zanker, Jessica & Richard Mallett (2022) Inside the ‘efficacy gap’: Migration policy and the dynamics of encounter, International Migration. DOI: 10.1111/imig.13028.

Book Chapter

Erdal, Marta Bivand & Jessica Hagen-Zanker (2022) Migration decision-making, in Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies. Abingdon: Routledge.

PRIO Paper

Hagen-Zanker, Jessica & Gemma Hennessey (2021) What Do We Know about the Subjective and Intangible Factors That Shape Migration Decision-Making?, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

Hagen-Zanker, Jessica; Gemma Hennessey; Jørgen Carling; & Rashid Memon (2020) Survey data collection, MIGNEX Handbook Chapter, 7. Oslo: PRIO.
Dempster, Helen; Jørgen Carling; Jessica Hagen-Zanker; & Amy Leach (2019) Communications and impact, MIGNEX Handbook Chapter, 5. Oslo: PRIO.
Carling, Jørgen; Mathias Czaika; Anne Duquenne; Marta Bivand Erdal; Carlos Vargas-Silva; & Jessica Hagen-Zanker (2019) Data management plan, MIGNEX Handbook Chapter, 3. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - External Series

Carling, Jørgen; & Jessica Hagen-Zanker (2022) Migration and development dynamics in São Nicolau, Cabo Verde, MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.
Kasavan, Camille; Safouen Azouzi; Jessica Hagen-Zanker; Jørgen Carling; & Nicole Johnson (2022) Migration and development dynamics in Redeyef, Tunisia, MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.