Research Groups

Historical Research Groups

PRIO’s long term research is organized in research groups that focus on core themes linked to the understanding of peace and conflict. These groups are the academic home of each researcher at PRIO and they all meet on a regular basis.

The Research Groups are an important element for fostering research collaboration across methodologies, disciplines and regional focus, but they also allow for a thematically organized overview of the people, projects, publications and events at PRIO.

How businesses influence peacebuilding processes, from the local to international spheres

Civilian agency and victimization in conflict and post-conflict situations

What are the trends in conflict?

Studying security, armed conflict and peace

How political institutions contribute to peace and conflict

How the humanitarian system changes with new tools, donors, and perceptions of local dynamics

How norms and rules contribute to peaceful relations and justice

How media play a key role in the strategic planning of different actors within peace and conflict

How migration and transnational ties interact with societal change during peace and conflict.

How the actors in peacebuilding can influence the peacebuilding agenda

How the global power balance affects regional conflict dynamics

How religious actors, ideas, and institutions influence social and political change

How security actors and practices affect concepts and understanding of security

How urbanization, demography, and physical factors condition dynamics of peace, conflict and development

How violent organizations function in societies, and how they affect peace and conflict.