Publications 1998

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

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Popular Article

Tunander, Ola (1998) Demokratins lättsinne [The Carelessness of Democracy], Svenska Dagbladet, 5 December.
Tunander, Ola (1998) Kräver demokratin dödsskvadroner? [Does Democracy demand Death Squads?], Svenska Dagbladet, 6 December.

Master Thesis

Salvesen, Hilde (1998) A Farewell to Arms? : a comparative study of the demilitarisation in El Salvador and Guatemala. MA thesis, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, Oslo.

Report - Other

Tunander, Ola (1998) Nordiskt Samarbete [Nordic Cooperation], Nytt fra Norge (News from Norway), : .

Book Review

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