The State of War and Peace Atlas

Edited Volume

Smith, Dan (ed.) (1997) The State of War and Peace Atlas. London.

I The Dynamics of War 
1. The Red Horse 
2. Conflicts of Interest 
3. Regimes and Rights 
4. Blood and Soil 
5. Unlicensed Terror 
6. The Death Toll 
7. Fear and Flight 
8. Lethal Legacy 
II Wars of Identity and Belief 
9. The Disintegration 
10. Ethnic Cleansing 
11. Edge of Empire 
12. From War to War 
13. Nationless Nation 
14. Holy Lands 
III Wars of Poverty and Power 
17. Land Lords 
18. The Dispossession 
19. The Dispossessed 
20. Times for Killing 
21. Horn of Poverty 
IV The Military World 
23. Under Arms 
24. Military Spending 
25. Market Forces 
26. The ABC of Weapons 
27. Dumping Grounds 
28. The Calculus of Security 
V The Dynamics of Peace 
29. In the Shadow of Massacre 
30. The Orange and the Green 
31. Lands of Good Hope 
32. Keeping Peace 
33. Forcing Peace 
34. Making Peace 
Table of Wars 1990-95 


Dan Smith

Dan Smith

PRIO Director 1993–2001, Senior Adviser