The Impact of the China-Russia Partnership on Shifting Security Interactions in East Asia and the Pacific

Led by Ilaria Carrozza
Aug 2022 - Apr 2023

​The project aims to examine the impact of the evolving China-Russia partnership on the transformation of security structures in East Asia and the Pacific, as well as growing concerns in key East Asian states, including Japan and Taiwan, regarding China-Russia military ties. 

​This project provides the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, as well as other actors such as policymak-ers in the US and key East Asian states, with crucial information on shifting security interactions in East Asia and the Pacific. It will provide recommendations for Norway regarding positioning itself in the region as a NATO member-state and as a US ally. More specifically, the project will clarify the extent to which Chinese and Russian security interests challenge US-led alliance-building in the Asia-Pacific and it will explore the impact of growing insecurities on the regional order and the poli-cies of the US and its allies.

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Non-refereed Journal Article

Baev, Pavel K. (2023) Taiwan is feeling the pressure from Russian and Chinese autocracy, Order from Chaos: 1–4.

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