Share or Spare? Explaining the Nature and Determinants of Climate Finance Coordination

Jan 2018 - Jan 2020

Exploring why global and national coordination of climate finance is challenging

​The project examines what enables and obstructs the coordination of climate finance (finance to assist poor countries to transition to low-emission, climate-resilient societies). It involves researchers from Lund University, The Danish Institute for International Studies, the Peace Research Institute Oslo and the Stockholm Environment Institute.

While climate finance donors agree that coordinating funds improves efficiency and effectiveness, the climate finance landscape is highly fragmented. The project examines why coordination problems persist by investigating the political and organizational factors that shape coordination of climate finance at the global level and in Kenya and Zambia.

The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council. For more information, visit the project webpage.



PRIO Paper

Dupuy, Kendra; Pamela Towela Sambo; Mikkel Funder & Evans Chama (2019) Coordinating Climate Finance: Lessons from Zambia, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.


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