Turkish Perceptions of Cyprus

Led by Mete Hatay
Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

​The Cyprus Problem remains one of Turkey's main obstacles to EU entry, while Turkey's presence in the island obstructs north Cyprus's integration into the EU. However, despite the undoubted importance of Turkey's role in the island and in any potential solution to the division, Turkey's role in and politics on Cyprus are usually portrayed as monolithic and unchanging. This report, completed and published in 2016, takes a historical perspective on Turkish public perceptions of the island, examining how Cyprus has been discussed in Turkish public discourse and diplomatic practice from 1948 to the present. By clarifying the ways in which Cyprus has entered public discourse and opinion in Turkey, the report aims to improve communication and better understand how Turkey may contributed to a negotiated solution. The publication of the report was funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.


PRIO Report

Bryant, Rebecca; & Mete Hatay (2015) Turkish Perceptions of Cyprus: 1948 to the Present, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 1. Cyprus : PRIO Cyprus Centre.


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