Vernacular Reconciliation

Led by Mete Hatay
Jan 2015 - Dec 2017

​​​Hatay wrote approximately ten popular articles for the Turkish Cypriot newspaper, Havadis, and its magazine, Poli, particularly addressing the ways in which vernacular forms of reconciliation have evolved since the 2003 opening of the checkpoints. In addition, Hatay co-authored an article with Rebecca Bryant, to be published in the Journal of Refugee Studies, discussed above in section 2. Hatay has also served as advisor for a documentary film, directed by Simon Bahçeli, regarding the Maronite struggle to return.

Hatay has discussed vernacular reconciliation in numerous interviews in both print media and television, particularly discussing the Maronite case as an example to be studied for potentially successful return in other locations of the island. This has begun to filter into media discussions, e.g.,


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