Cypriot Youth

Led by Mete Hatay
Jan 2015 - Dec 2016

​​​​​While youth have often been the subject of reconciliation efforts, and there has been considerable research on education and its effect on youth, there has been very little investigation of youth as political, social, and economic actors. This project will examine youth on both sides of the Green Line, their hopes for the future, and their visions for the island. We will accomplish this by focusing on two important social changes and youth reaction to them: the financial crisis in the island's south, and the 2003 opening of the Cyprus checkpoints that changed possibilities for interaction.​​


PRIO Report

Hatay, Mete; & Giorgos Charalambous (2015) The post-Annan Generation: Student Attitudes towards the Cyprus Problem, PRIO Cyprus Centre Report, 3. Cyprus: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Report - External Series

Dizdaroğlu, Cihan (2020) The Perceptions of Cypriot Youth Matter, FES Briefing. Nicosia: FES Cyprus.