The Impact of China–Russia Partnership on Stability in East Asia

Led by Stein Tønnesson
Jan 2014 - Dec 2016

​This project follows and examines the strategic partnership between Russia and China, the impact these relations have on the pattern of peaceful cooperation and conflict management in East-Asia, and to which extent and how the Ukraine crisis plays into the relationship.

  • To what extent and how does Russia try to influence relations between China and other countries in East Asia? 
  • How much extra leverage could China gain through engaging Russia in its Korea diplomacy, and in its disputes with other East Asian powers?
  • How may other East Asian powers affect the viability of the Russian-Chinese proto-alliance?​

​The project is funded in three phases by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. It is coordinated with the East Asian Peace program at Uppsala University, led by Stein Tønnesson. 

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