Somalis in European cities: Oslo

Led by Cindy Horst
Oct 2012 - Dec 2013
The At Home in Europe programme of the Open Society Foundations is conducting a policy oriented study focusing on seven cities in Europe with significant Somali populations. This project examines the way in which processes of inclusion and exclusion affect Somali communities in European cities.

Subscribe to our newsletter here. Policies and debates on integration and immigration in Europe currently operate in a context of anxiety about ethnic and religious diversity. This anxiety pertains to the shifting demographics brought about by immigration, the perceived erosion of ethnic, national and cultural identities, and the visibility of diversity and religion.

This complex situation presents Europe with one  of its greatest challenges: how to ensure equal rights and social cohesion in a climate of political tension, global recession and rapidly expanding diversity.  At Home in Europe explores the political, social, cultural and economic participation of minority and marginalized groups in Western Europe via engagement with residents, civil society, and policymakers. Through policy oriented research and advocacy, the initiative explores and examines participation and experiences of communities living in some of Europe’s most diverse cities.

OSF develops advocacy strategies and activities based on the findings and recommendations of the research carried out by researchers at PRIO on Somalis in Oslo. These efforts seek to influence local, national and European policies and practices in advancing meaningful participation and non-discrimination of groups. Moreover, activities are designed to empower communities and other civil society actors in their efforts to fight discrimination and initiatives towards embedding equality.

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Report - External Series

Horst, Cindy; Faiza Kassim Ibrahim; Brandon Baumbach; Marian Hussein; Hawa Muuse; & Sundus Osman (2013) Somalis in Oslo, Somalis in European Cities. New York: Open Society Foundations.