Russia's security and Russian military

Led by Pavel K. Baev
Jan 1994 - May 2011

In this long-term research and expertise-building (supported by the Norwegian Defence Ministry) the latest project is:

Transformation of Russia's military in the post-Putin period


This long-term research and expertise-building (supported by the Norwegian Defence Ministry) includes the following projects:

image(bullet) Russia in the global war against terrorism (2002)

image(bullet) Russia’s Foreign Policy, Military Reform and Regionalism (2001)

image(bullet) The Russian Army and Russia’s Evolving Security Posture (1995-1997)

image(bullet) Russian Army as a Political Instrument and Policy-Maker (1994-1995)

image(bullet) Regionalism in Russia and the Transformation of the Russian Army (1998-2000)

image(bullet) Transforming the Russian Military (2003)

image(bullet) Could the Russian military be a partner to NATO in counter-terrorist operation? (2004)

image(bullet) Putin’s Vision and Plans for Modernizing the Russian Military: Counter-Terrorism and Power-Projection (2005)

image(bullet) Russian Military focus on tasks in the Caucasus and Central Asia (2006)

image(bullet) Assessing the limits of Russia’s new strategic and rapid-deployment capabilities (2007)





Book Chapter

Baev, Pavel K. (2006) Putin's Counter-Terrorism: The Parameters of a Strategic Dead-End, in Small Wars & Insurgencies. London: (1–21).

Non-refereed Journal Article

Baev, Pavel K. (2005) Russia Evolves its Commonwealth Policy, Jane's Intelligence Review 17(11): 44–45.

Popular Article

Baev, Pavel K. (2007) US Sanctions Rosoboronexport Over Deals with Iran, Eurasia Daily Monitor, 8 January.

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