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Led by Martha Snodgrass
Jan 2003 - May 2011

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Hausmanns gate 7
NO-0186 Oslo

Tel.: +47 22 54 77 00
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Popular Article

Gleditsch, Nils Petter (2009) Mappene våre [Our Files], Rettferd og politikk. Festskrift til Hilde Bojer, 18 December.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter (2009) Krenkende kritikk [Injurious Criticism], Dagbladet, 27 November.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter (2009) Fra opprørere til statsstøtter? [From Rebels to Pillars of the State?], Dagbladet, 20 November.

Master Thesis

Gomsrud, Lars Seland (2009) Market Capitalism and Interstate War. Limits to Universality in International Relations. MA thesis, Sociology and Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), .

Conference Paper

Gomsrud, Lars Seland;Gates, Scott; & Strand, Håvard 2009 Surviving the Capitalist Peace: Leaders' Incentives and Economic Freedom, presented at 5th ECPR General Conference, , 10 September.