LArge Scale Information Exploitation of Forensic Data (LASIE)

Led by Dariusz (Darek) Kloza
May 2014 - Oct 2017


The LASIE project aims to design and implement an open and expandable framework that will significantly increase the efficiency of current investigation practices, by providing an automated initial analysis of the vast amounts of heterogeneous forensic data that analysts have to cope with. The framework will be able to handle forensic data that have been acquired from a variety of different sources including CCTV surveillance content, confiscated desktops and hard disks, mobile devices, Internet, social networks, handwritten and calligraphic documents.

​The LASIE framework will be able to: (i) extract evidence from the available data (text, images, video, audio and biometric information in multiple formats), (ii) perform inferences based on the evidence, (iii) guide the investigation process through the incorporation of recommendation functionality, and (iv) interact with the user through an efficient and user-friendly interface. The overall process will be performed under the condition that all legal and ethical restrictions are satisfied and the computed data can be presented as evidence in European courts of law.​


More information can be found on the LASIE project website:


Research Groups


Conference Paper

Bellanova, Rocco (2016) What can Robocop(s) teach to critical security studies? An “amateur” reading of surveillance, (dis)order, and critique, presented at 7th Biennal Surveillance & Society Conference, Barcelona - Spain, 20–23 April 2016.

Report - Other

Rødningen, Ida (2017) Not so Smart Cities? A Guide to Helping Cities Develop Ethical Data Strategies, LASIE Seminar Report, 3. Oslo: PRIO.
Rødningen, Ida (2017) From Risk Management to Security Culture: the Changing Organization of Security, LASIE Seminar Report, 4. Oslo.
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Rødningen, Ida; Dariusz (Darek) Kloza; & Stine Bergersen (2017) Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges in the developing and implementing the system (Deliverable D2.3), LASIE Deliverables. Rome: EU FP7 LASIE project.
Rødningen, Ida; Dariusz (Darek) Kloza; & Stine Bergersen (2017) Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges in the developing and implementing the system (Deliverable D2.3)European Commission. LASIE- Large scale information exploitation of forensic data..
Kloza, Dariusz (Darek); Stine Bergersen; Rocco Bellanova; Ida Rødningen; Filipe Custódio; Apostolos Axenopoulos; & Sofia Trujillo (2016) Monitoring report on emerging ethical challenges and current societal debates (Deliverable D2.2), LASIE Deliverables, 2. Rome: EU FP7 LASIE project.

Report - External Series

Kloza, Dariusz (Darek); Niels van Dijk; Raphaël Gellert; István Böröcz; Alessia Tanas; Eugenio Mantovani; & Paul Quinn (2017) Data protection impact assessments in the European Union: complementing the new legal framework towards a more robust protection of individuals, d.pia.lab Policy Brief, 1. Brussels: Brussels Laboratory for Data Protection & Privacy Impact Assessments.


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