Luka Biong Deng Kuol

PRIO Global Fellow

Luka Biong Deng Kuol
Luka Biong Deng Kuol left PRIO in 2022. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons. Luka Biong Deng Kuol is an External Associate at PRIO.

Research Interests

  • ​Sudan and South Sudan
  • Post-conflict and transition situations, including legitimacy, economic governance, fragility, natural resources, nation- and statebuilding, and transitional justice


PRIO Global Fellow 2014-2022.

Luka Biong Deng Kuol (PhD) is the Acting Dean and a Professor of Practice at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS) at US National Defense University in Washington and a faculty lead of three academic programs: National Security Strategy Development (NSSD) in Africa, Managing Security Resources in Africa (MSRA) and Emerging Security Sector Leaders (ESSL) in Africa. He is also Associate Professor of economics at University of Juba, South Sudan, a Global Fellow at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), and a fellow at Rift Valley Institute. He was a resident fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, former director of Institute for Peace, Development and Security Studies at University of Juba. He served as a minister of presidency of Southern Sudan and a national minister of Cabinet Affairs of Sudan during the 2005 Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement until he resigned in 2011. He also worked as a member of teaching staff at the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development at the University of Gezira, Sudan, a senior economist for the World Bank in Southern Sudan and a founding member of the New Sudan Center for Statistics and Evaluation (currently South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics). He received his PhD from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex, UK and earned a Master of Arts in Economics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium and Bachelor of Science from Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Khartoum, Sudan. He has published scholarly articles in a wide array of prestigious international journals and contributed with many peer-reviewed chapters in various books. He is a co-editor of a book entitled The Struggle for South Sudan: Challenges of Security and State Formation and co-editor of a book entitled Abyei: Between Two Sudans. He serves as a member of editorial board of Disasters journal.

Research Groups

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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Kuol, Luka Biong Deng & Joel Amegboh (2021) Rethinking National Security Strategies in Africa, International Relations and Diplomacy 9(1): 1–17.
Lind, Jeremy; Rachel Sabates-Wheeler; Matteo Caravani; Luka Biong Deng Kuol & Deborah Manzolillo Nightingale (2020) Newly Evolving Pastoral and Post-Pastoral Rangelands of Eastern Africa, Pastoralism 10(24): 1–14.
Biong Deng Kuol, Luka (2020) When Ethnic Diversity Becomes a Curse in Africa: The Tale of Two Sudans, Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations 21(1): 15–35.
Biong Deng Kuol, Luka (2019) South Sudan: The Elusive Quest for a Resilient Social Contract?, Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. DOI: 10.1080/17502977.2019.1627692.
Biong Deng Kuol, Luka (2014) Political Violence and the Emergence of the Dispute over Abyei, Sudan, 1950–1983, Journal of Eastern African Studies 8(4): 573–589.


Kuol, Luka Biong Deng (2021) Why Does Famine Persist in Africa?. Perth, Australia: Africa World Books.
Kuol, Luka Biong Deng (2021) Confronting Civil War in Africa. Perth, Australia: Africa World Books.

Book Chapter

Biong Deng Kuol, Luka (2020) Civil Wars in Sudan and South Sudan, in Richmond, Oliver; & Gëzim Visoka, eds, The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflict Studies. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

Edited Volume

Deng, Francis M.; Luka Biong Deng Kuol; & Daniel Jok M. Deng, eds, (2020) Abyei: Between the Two Sudans. Trenton, New Jersey: Red Sea Press.
Biong Deng Kuol, Luka; & Sarah Logan, eds, (2019) The Struggle for South Sudan: Challenges of Security and State Formation. New York: I.B. Tauris.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Allen, Nathaniel & Luka Biong Deng Kuol (2021) Civil-Military Relations and Sudan’s Treacherous Path to Democracy, Texas National Security Review.
Biong Deng Kuol, Luka (2020) Will African Governments Survive the COVID-19?, International Affairs Forum: 56–59.

Popular Article

Kuol, Luka Biong Deng (2021) What Sudan and South Sudan stand to gain by reopening their border, The Conversation, 21 September.
Kuol, Luka Biong Deng (2021) Lessons from a Decade of South Sudanese Statehood, Africa Center for Strategic Studies, 29 June.

Report - Other

Kuol, Luka Biong Deng (2021) National Security Strategies Development in Africa: A Toolkit for Drafting and ConsultationWashington, D.C.: Africa Center for Strategic Studies.
Biong Deng Kuol, Luka; & Christopher Oringa (2021) Is Education a Pathway to Fostering Civicness and a Resilient Social Contract in Africa? The Case of South SudanLondon: The South Sudan Studies Association (SSSA) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).