Corina Demetriou

Corina Demetriou is a Contributor on a PRIO project or a publication with a PRIO person, and is otherwise not associated with PRIO.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Trimikliniotis, Nicos & Corina Demetriou (2009) Trafficking, Profiteering and State Complicity: Researching the Demand Side of prostitution and trafficking in Cyprus, Translocations: Migration and Social Change 5(1): 1–32.
Trimikliniotis, Nicos & Corina Demetriou (2009) Evaluating the Anti-discrimination Law in the Republic of Cyprus: A Critical Reflection, The Cyprus Review 20(2): 79–116.

Book Chapter

Trimikliniotis, Nicos & Corina Demetriou (2011) Labour integration of migrant workers in Cyprus: A critical appraisal, in Precarious Migrant Labour across Europe. Ljubljana: The Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies (73–96).

PRIO Report

Trimikliniotis, Nicos; & Corina Demetriou (2012) Legal Framework in the Republic of Cyprus, Displacement in Cyprus - Consequences of Civil and Military Strife, 3. Nicosia : PRIO Cyprus Centre.