Paul Roe

Guest Researcher

Paul Roe left PRIO in 2006. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

Security Theory: the Security Dilemma, the Copenhagen School, Gender approaches to Security, Positive Security
Minority Rights
Southeastern Europe: the Former Yugoslavia and Romania


Languages spoken:

English, Hungarian

Working experience:

2005-Present: Associate Professor, Dept. of International Relations and European Studies, Central European University, Budapest
2000-2005: Assistant Professor, Central European University
1999-2000: Visiting Professor, Civic Education Project (at Central European University)
1997-1999: Guest Researcher, Copenhagen Peace Research Institute


1995-1999: PhD, Department of International Politics, University of Wales, Abersytwyth
1992-1995: BA, Department of International Relations, University of Keele

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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Roe, Paul (2001) Actors' Reponsibility in 'Tight', 'Regular' or 'Loose' Security Dilemmas, Security Dialogue 32(1): 103–116.
Roe, Paul (1999) The Intra-State Security Dilemma: Ethnic Conflict as a Tragedy, Journal of Peace Research 36(2): 183–202.