Valery Tishkov


Valery Tishkov left PRIO in 1997. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Tishkov, Valery (1999) Ethnic Conflicts in the Former USSR: The Use and Misuse of Typologies and Data, Journal of Peace Research 36(5): 571–591.
Tishkov, Valery (1997) Political Anthropology of the Chechen War, Security Dialogue 28(4): 425–437.
Tishkov, Valery (1995) What is Rossia? Prospects for Nation-Building, Security Dialogue 26(1): 41–54.
Tishkov, Valery (1995) What is Russia? Prospects for Nation-Building, Security Dialogue 26(1): 44–54.
Tishkov, Valery (1995) Don't Kill Me, I'm a Kyrgyz!': An Anthropological Analysis of Violence in the Osh Ethnic Conflict, Journal of Peace Research 32(2): 133–149.


Tishkov, Valery (1997) Ocherki teorii i politiki etnichnosti v Rossii. Moscow: Russian Academy of Science.
Tishkov, Valery (1994) Narody Rossii [The Peoples of Russia]. Moscow: Rossiiskaya Enciclopeadia.

Book Chapter

Tishkov, Valery (1997) Tolerance and Accord for Transforming Societies, in Chubarian, Alexander; Vladimir Lomeiko; Dan Smith; & Janusz Symonides, eds, A Culture of Peace and Democracy: a Handbook. Moscow: UNESCO/ International Institute for a Culture of Peace and Democracy (146–165).
Tishkov, Valery (1996) Nationalities in post-Soviet global changes, in Lourdes Arizpe, ed., The Cultural Dimensions of Global Change: an Anthropological Approach. Paris: Unesco Publishing (155–177).
Tishkov, Valery (1996) Postsovetskii natsionalism i rossiiskaya antropologia [Post-Soviet nationalism and the anthropology of the Russian Empire], in Tatyana A. Zaslavskaya, ed., Kuda idet Rossiia? Sotsialnaya transformatsiia postsovetskogo prostranstva. Moscow: Aspekt Press (210–220).
Tishkov, Valery (1996) Explaining and Categorizing the Chechen War, in Baev, Pavel K.; & Ole Berthelsen, eds, Conflicts in the Caucasus (PRIO Report 3). Oslo: PRIO (27–43).
Tishkov, Valery (1996) Post-Soviet Nationalism, in Caplan, Richard; & John Feffer, eds, Europe's New Nationalism. States and Minorities in Conflict. New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press (23–41).
Tishkov, Valery (1996) Ethnic Conflict in the Context of Social Science Theories, in Rupesinghe, Kumar; & Valery Tishkov, eds, Ethnicity and power in the contemporary world. Tokyo: United Nations University Press.
Tishkov, Valery (1995) The Russians in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, in Yaacov Ro'i, ed., Muslim Eurasia: Conflicting Legacies. London: Frank Cass (289–310).
Tishkov, Valery (1992) Invention and Manifestation of Ethno-Nationalism in and after the Soviet Union, in Rupesinghe, Kumar; Peter King; & Olga Vorkunova, eds, Ethnicity and Conflict in the Post-Communist World. London: St Martin's Press (41–65).

Edited Volume

Tishkov, Valery (ed.) (1997) Semia, gender i kultura. Materialy mezhdunarodnykh konferentsii, 1994, 1995. Moscow: Institut Etnologii i Antropologii Ran.
Tishkov, Valery (ed.) (1997) Vynuzhdennye migranty: integratsia ili vozvraschenie [Forced migration: Integration and Return]. Moscow: Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography.
Rupesinghe, Kumar; & Valery Tishkov, eds, (1995) Ethnicity and Power in the Contemporary World. Tokyo: UN University Press.
Tishkov, Valery (ed.) (1994) Narody Rossii. Moscow: Bolshaia rossiiskaia entsiklopediia.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Tishkov, Valery (1997) O fenomene etnichnosti, Etnograficheskoe obozrenie(3).
Tishkov, Valery (1996) Sem' variantov. Zametki o vykhode iz chechenskogo krizisa, Svobodnaja misl (Free Thought)(5): 43–55.
Tishkov, Valery (1994) Post Soviet Ethnography. Not a Crisis but Something More Serious, Anthropology and Archeology of Eurasia (Special Issue) 33(3): 87–92.
Tishkov, Valery (1994) Perspectives on Ethnic Accord in Post-Soviet Space, Cultural Survival Quarterly 18(2): 52–57.
Tishkov, Valery (1992) The Crisis in Soviet Ethnography, Current Anthropology 33(4): 371–394.

Conference Paper

Tishkov, Valery (1997) Tolerantnosti. Materialy mezhdunarodnoi konferentsii, Yakutsk, 1995 [On Tolerance: Materials from an international conference in Yakutsk, 1995], presented at Tolerance, Mutual Understanding and Accord, Moscow, 1.1.1997 00:00:00.