Joakim Hammerlin

Master's Student

Joakim Hammerlin left PRIO in 2006. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

Terrorism - what is it and can it (ever) be morally justified?


Languages spoken:

English, French, Norwegian

Working experience:

Journalist, book reviewer, milieu therapist


Cand. Mag. at the University of Oslo (Philosophy, Sociology, French)

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Popular Article

Hammerlin, Joakim (2005) Moralsk uklarhet [Moral unclarity], Klassekampen, 28 November.

Master Thesis

Hammerlin, Joakim (2006) Terrorism: What Is It and Can it (Ever) Be Morally Justified?. MA thesis, Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo, Oslo.