Marit Moe-Pryce

Managing Editor, Security Dialogue

Marit Moe-Pryce
Twitter: @SecDialogue

Research Interests

Security technology, data protection and democratic accountability in a critical security perspective. 


​​​​​​Security Dialogue:

Manage and oversee all matters related to the production, marketing and promotion of Security Dialogue, from the initial submission through to printed copy, digital disseminaton and strategic development of the journal.

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English

Working experience:

2004- Managing Editor, Security Dialogue,
2004-2015 Programme Coordinator and Research Assistant, PRIO, Oslo, Norway.

2003-2004 Production Supervisor, Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK.

2002-2003 Production Control Administrative Assistant,
Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, UK.


1999-2003 MPhil, SSEES/UCL, University of London. Topic of thesis: 'The Contact Group in Bosnia and Kosovo: The Institution and its Mediating Role'.

1994-1998 Cand. Mag, University of Oslo, combined of; Statsvitenskap mellomfag (Political Science, 18 months).

Grunnfag Russland og Øst-Europa kunnskap (Russia and Eastern Europe Area Studies, 12 months).

Grunnfag Vest-Europa områdestudie (Western Europe Area Studies, 12 months).

Semesteremne Storbritannia siden 1945 (Great Britain since 1945, 6 months).

Ex.Phil (Basic Philosophy, 6 months).


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​Bellanova R, Bergersen S, Burgess JP, Mirshahi Mog Moe-Pryce M(2017) ‘Exercising access rights in Norway’. In: Norris C, de Hert P, L'Hoiry X and Galetta A (Eds)The Unaccountable State of Surveillance: Exercising Access Rights in Europe, pp. 257-296.

Bergersen S, Bellanova R og Moe-Pryce M (2016) ‘Bli kjent med din datatvilling!’[Get to know your data-double!] Aftenposten, 21. november.

Bellanova R, Burgess JP og Moe-Pryce M (2014) ‘Mapping the legal and administrative frameworks in Norway’. In: Deliverable (D5) ‘Exercising Democratic Rights Under Surveillance Regimes’in fulfilment of requirements of the FP7 ProjectIncreasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies (IRISS), pp. 2-10.

Moe-Pryce M (2013) ‘The Norwegian Case’. In: Deliverable (D2.3) ‘The Legal Perspective’in fulfilment of requirements of the FP7 ProjectIncreasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies (IRISS), pp.60-62.

Moe-Pryce M and Gräns J (2010) ‘Working paper analyzing the transformation of gendered security values as a result of the evolution of security technologies’. In: Deliverable (M33) in fulfilment of requirements of the FP7Project Converging and Conflicting Ethical Values in the Internal/External SecurityContinuum in Europe (INEX).

Moe M (2003) ‘The Contact Group on Bosnia-Hercegovina and Kosovo: The Institution and its Mediation Role’. MPhil oppgave ved University College London, University of London. ForsvartAugust 2003. 

All Publications

Book Chapter

Bellanova, Rocco; Stine Bergersen; Maral Mirshahi; Marit Moe-Pryce & J. Peter Burgess (2017) Exercising Access Rights in Norway, in Norris, Clive; Paul De Hert; Xavier L'Hoiry; & Antonella Galetta, eds, The Unaccountable State of Surveillance. Exercising Access Rights in Europe. Dordrecht: Springer (257–296).

Popular Article

Bergersen, Stine; Marit Moe-Pryce & Rocco Bellanova (2016) Bli kjent med din datatvilling! [Get to know your data double!], Aftenposten, 21 November.

Conference Paper

Davidshofer, Stephan;Moe-Pryce, Marit; & Wang, Jonas Rusten 2009 Norway and the European Field of Security, presented at 50th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, , 15–18 February.

PRIO Paper

Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora; Ingunn Ikdahl; Kjersti Lohne; Maja Viktoria Spigseth Vestad; Anniken Sørlie & Marit Moe-Pryce (2022) Law after July 22, 2011: Survivors, Memory and Reconstruction, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

Blog Posts

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In today’s blog in PRIO’s blog series for Peer Review Week 2020, Marit Moe-Pryce, managing editor of the PRIO-owned and -run journal Security Dialogue, discusses the key role of editorial offices in mediating between authors and reviewers in the peer review process. ‘’The text suffers in every aspect that makes ... Read more »

Get to Know Your Data Double!

Posted by Marit Moe-Pryce, Rocco Bellanova & Stine Bergersen on Wednesday, 23 November 2016

We all have a “data double”. But how well do you really know this other aspect of your identity? Unless you know what your entirely digital identity looks like, you should take responsibility for finding out and, at the same time, contribute to a digital drive to ensure that we ... Read more »