Miles D. Wolpin


Miles D. Wolpin left PRIO in 1983. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Miles D. Wolpin (1937-2017)

Worked at PRIO 1980-81 examining relationships between militarization and social welfare in the Third World and returned to PRIO 1982-83 to add a study on political repression.
Miles Wolpin was also at PRIO a period around 1990.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Wolpin, Miles D. (1989) Third World Non-Alignment: Does it Make a Difference?, Bulletin of Peace Proposals 20(1): 99–112.
Wolpin, Miles D. (1983) Comparative Perspectives on Militarization, Repression and Social Welfare, Journal of Peace Research 20(2): 129–155.
Wolpin, Miles D. (1978) Egalitarian Reformism in the Third World Vs. The Military: A Profile of Failure, Journal of Peace Research 15(2): 89–107.