Georg Sørensen

Georg Sørensen is a Contributor on a PRIO project or a publication with a PRIO person, and is otherwise not associated with PRIO.

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Sørensen, Georg (2001) War and State-Making: Why Doesn't It Work in the Third World?, Security Dialogue 32(3): 341–354.
Sørensen, Georg & Bruce M. Russett (1997) A Rejoinder, Journal of Peace Research 34(3): 323–329.
Russett, Bruce M. & Georg Sørensen (1993) A Rejoinder, Journal of Peace Research 30(4): 453–454.
Sørensen, Georg (1992) Kant and Processes of Democratization: Consequences for Neorealist Thought, Journal of Peace Research 29(4): 397–414.
Sørensen, Georg (1992) Utopianism in Peace Research: The Gandhian Heritage, Journal of Peace Research 29(2).
Sørensen, Georg & Erich Weede (1985) Peace and Development: Looking for the Right Track, Journal of Peace Research 22(1): 69–77.