Mari Holmboe Ruge

Mari Holmboe Ruge left PRIO in 1967. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Mari Holmboe Ruge was one of the founding pioneers at PRIO. In late 1967 she left PRIO to finalize her exams in political science at the University of Oslo.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Ruge, Mari Holmboe (1966) Are You a Member of a Peace Organization?, Journal of Peace Research 3(4): 389–394.
Galtung, Johan & Mari Holmboe Ruge (1965) The Structure of Foreign News. The Presentation of the Congo, Cuba, and Cyprus Crises in Four Norwegian Newspapers, Journal of Peace Research 2(1): 64–91.
Galtung, Johan & Mari Holmboe Ruge (1965) Patterns of Diplomacy. A Study of Recruitment and Career Patterns in Norwegian Diplomacy, Journal of Peace Research 2(2): 101–135.
Ruge, Mari Holmboe (1964) Technical Assistance and Parliamentary Debates, Journal of Peace Research 1(2): 77–94.


Ruge, Mari Holmboe (1968) Hva finnes av fredsforskning? [An Overview of Peace Research]. Oslo: PRIO. PRIO Inform.

Book Chapter

Ruge, Mari Holmboe (1973) Some Characteristics of Peace Research Institutes, in Höglund, Bengt; & Jørgen W. Ulrich, eds, Conflict Control and Conflict Resolution. Copenhagen: Munksgaard.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Master Thesis

Ruge, Mari Holmboe (1972) Decision-makers as Human Beings: An Analysis of Perception and Behavior in a Cross-cultural Simulation Experiment. MA thesis, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, Oslo.