Anthony McDermott

Researcher, Editor Security Dialogue

Anthony McDermott
Anthony McDermott left PRIO in 2000. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Anthony McDermott (1942-2010) worked at PRIO 1997-2000. He was a researcher and editor of the journal Security Dialogue. Before arriving at PRIO, he worked as a journalist for Financial Times, sepcializing on the Middle East. He left PRIO to take up a post with the British foreign office. 

Obituary for Anthony McDermott in the Guardian.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

McDermott, Anthony (1999) Finding a Pathway through the Thickets of International Organisation, Security Dialogue 30(3): 377–378.
McDermott, Anthony (1998) The Rules and Workings of the UN's Supreme Ruling Body, Security Dialogue 29(3): 375–376.
McDermott, Anthony (1998) UN Reform: A Task to Test the Patience of Sisyphus, Security Dialogue 29(1): 119–120.
McDermott, Anthony (1997) Development and Reform of the UN System, Security Dialogue 28(3): 375–376.
McDermott, Anthony (1997) UN Peace-keeping: Expansion and Evolution of Operations in a New Era, Security Dialogue 28(2): 247–248.


McDermott, Anthony (1999) The New Politics of Financing the UN. New York: St. Martin's Press.

Book Chapter

McDermott, Anthony (1999) Regional Intervention in the Middle East: The Cases of Iraq and Algeria, in Sovereign Intervention. (135–170).
McDermott, Anthony (1999) Regional Intervention in the Middle East: The Case of Iraq and Algeria, in Sovereign Intervention. PRIO Report 2/99. Oslo: (135–170).
McDermott, Anthony (1997) The UN and NGOs: Humanitarian Interventions in Future Conflicts, in Humanitarian force, PRIO report 4/97. Oslo: (71–98).

Non-refereed Journal Article

McDermott, Anthony (1999) Japan's Financial Contribution to the UN System: In Pursuit of Acceptance and Standing, International Peacekeeping 6(2): 64–88.
McDermott, Anthony (1999) Review of George Giacaman & Dag Jørund Lønning, After Oslo: New Realities, Old Problems, International Peacekeeping 6(2): 201–203.
McDermott, Anthony (1998) The UN and NGO's: Humanitarian Intervention in Future Conflicts, Contemporary Security Policy 19(3): 1–26.
McDermott, Anthony (1997) Making U.N. Reform an Event, The World Today 53(7): 172–174.

PRIO Report

McDermott, Anthony (1999) Sovereign Intervention, PRIO Report, 2. Oslo: PRIO.
McDermott, Anthony (1997) Humanitarian Force, PRIO Report, 4. Oslo: PRIO.