Arthur H. Westing


Arthur H. Westing left PRIO in 1990. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


​Arthur H Westing (1928–2020) was a Research Professor at PRIO 1988–90. A blog post on his life and work at PRIO can be found here.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Westing, Arthur H. (1990) Towards Eliminating War as an Instrument of Foreign Policy, Bulletin of Peace Proposals 21(1): 29–35.
Westing, Arthur H. (1990) War, Environment and Cultural Norms, Environmental Awareness 13(1): 15–17.
Westing, Arthur H. (1990) Use of Chemical Weapons Illegal?, Military Review 1990(2): 82–83.
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Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Law of the Air, Environment 31(3): 3–4.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Environmental Component of Comprehensive Security, Bulletin of Peace Proposals 20(2): 129–134.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Reflections on the Occasion of the Third Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster, Environmental Conservation 16(2): 100–101.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) The Geneva Protocol of 1925: Towards a Full Renunciation of Chemical Warfare, Transnational Perspectives 15(2): 21–22.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Proposal for an INternational Treaty for Protection against Nuclear Devastation, Bulletin of Peace Proposals 20(4): 435–436.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) A Conservation Code, Environmental Awareness 12(4): 152–152.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Constraints on Military Disruption of the Biosphere. An Overview, Transnational Associations 41(3): 160–167.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Comprehensive human security and ecological realities, Environmental Conservation 16(4): 295–295.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Environmental security for the Danube basin, Environmental Conservation 16(4): 323–329.
Westing, Arthur H. (1988) The Military Sector Vis-à-vis the Environment, Journal of Peace Research 25(3): 257–264.
Westing, Arthur H. (1988) Cultural Constraints on Warfare: Micro-organisms as Weapons, Medicine & War 4(2): 85–95.
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Westing, Arthur H. (1988) Greening of Estonia, Environmental Conservation 15(4): 299–302.
Westing, Arthur H. (1982) Research Communication: War as a Human Endeavor: The High-Fatality Wars of the Twentieth Century, Journal of Peace Research 19(3): 261–270.

Book Chapter

Westing, Arthur H. (1990) Our Place in Nature: Reflections on the Global Carrying-Capacity for Humans, in Polunin, N.; & J. H. Burnett, eds, Maintanance of the Biosphere. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (109–120).
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Herbicides in Warfare: The case of Indochina, in P. Bourdeau, ed., Ecotoxicology and climate: with special reference to hot and cold climates. Chichester, UK: John Wiley (337–357).
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Environmental Approaches to Regional Security, in Arthur H. Westing, ed., Comprehensive Security for the Baltic: an Environmental Approach. London: SAGE (1–14).
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Regional Security in a Wider Context, in Arthur H. Westing, ed., Comprehensive Security for the Baltic: an Environmental Approach. London: SAGE (113–121).

Edited Volume

Westing, Arthur H. (ed.) (1990) Environmental Hazards of War. London: SAGE.
Westing, Arthur H. (ed.) (1989) Comprehensive Security for the Baltic: An Environmental Approach. London: SAGE.
Westing, Arthur H. (ed.) (1988) Cultural Norms. War and the Environment. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

PRIO Report

de Soysa, Indra; Nils Petter Gleditsch; Michael Gibson; Margarete Sollenberg; & Arthur H. Westing (1999) To Cultivate Peace - Agriculture in a World of Conflict, PRIO Report, 1. Oslo: PRIO.

Book Review

Gleditsch, Nils Petter (2013) Review of Arthur H. Westing, ed., Arthur H. Westing: Pioneer on the Environmental Impact of War, in Journal of Peace Research 50(2): 264–264.
Westing, Arthur H. (1989) Review of Collar, N.J.; & S.N. Stuart, eds, Key forests for threatened birds in Africa, in Environmental Conservation 16(4): 378–379.
Westing, Arthur H. (1988) Review of F. Singleton, ed., Environmental problems in the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe, in Environment 30(7): 28–29.