Jan Egeland


Jan Egeland left PRIO in 1999. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Jan Egeland was a student and research assistant at PRIO 1980-85, and also associated with PRIO 1997-1999.

All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Egeland, Jan (1994) Norway's Middle East Peace Channel - an Insiders View, Security Dialogue 25(3): 349–351.
Doswald-Beck, Louise; Jan Egeland & Yves Sandoz (1987) Preface [to Special Issue on Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflict], Journal of Peace Research 24(3): 213–214.
Egeland, Jan (1984) Human Rights - Ineffective Big States, Potent Small States, Journal of Peace Research 21(3): 207–213.

Edited Volume

Andreassen, Bård-Anders; Jan Egeland; Asbjørn Eide; Bernt Hagtvet; Tor Skålnes; Hugo Stokke; & Bjørn Stormorken, eds, (1985) Menneskerettighetene i Norges hovedsamarbeidsland 1985 [Human Rights in Norway's Main Collaborating Countries 1985]. Bergen / Oslo: CMI / Det norske menneskerettighetsprosjektet.