Isak Svensson

Researcher, Uppsala University

Isak Svensson
Isak Svensson left PRIO in 2005. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


Summer 2005: Guest researcher at PRIO

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Book Chapter

Bjarnegård, Elin; Kristine Eck; Holly Guthrey; Joakim Kreutz; Erik Melander; Isak Svensson & Stein Tønnesson (2017) The East Asian Peace: Will it Last?, in Bjarnegård, Elin; & Joakim Kreutz, eds, Debating the East Asian Peace: What it is. How it came about. Will it last?. Copenhagen: NIAS Press (281–296).
Svensson, Isak (2008) Democracies, Disengagement and Deals: Exploring the Effect of Different Types of Mediators, in Resources, Governance and Civil Conflict. London: (227–246).

PRIO Policy Brief

Svensson, Isak & Magnus Lundgren (2015) Patterns of Peacemaking, Conflict Trends, 4. Oslo: PRIO.