Frida Austvoll Nome


Frida Austvoll Nome
Frida Austvoll Nome left PRIO in 2009. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons. Frida Austvoll Nome is an External Associate at PRIO.

Research Interests

Researcher with the SIP 'The Missing Peace. Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in the Middle East' within the PRIO programme Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding.
Project leader and researcher on 'Religious Education in Qom, Iran'.Researcher on 'Religious Minorities in Peace Building: Middle Eastern Perspectives'. Doctoral fellow at the Norwegian School of Theology.


Researcher at PRIO 2004-2009.

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, Written and spoken Arabic (Middle Eastern dialects), conversational French

Working experience:

2004 - : Researcher, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)
2002-03: Second Secretary at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Damascus, Syria
2000-02: Senior Executive Officer, Directorate of Immigration, Oslo
1999: Lecturer in History of Religion for ‘Kulturstudier', Pondicherry, India
1996-97: Observer and Community Relations Officer, Temporary International Presence in Hebron, Palestine/Israel
1995: Teacher, Møllergata Primary School


1998-99: Cand. philol. in History of Religion, University of Oslo. Thesis: Martyrium eller selvmord? En studie av islamistiske voldsaksjoner i Israel, 1988-1998 (Martyrdom or suicide? A study of violent islamist operations in Israel, 1988-1998)
1992-95: Cand. mag. in History of religion, Middle Eastern studies and Modern Standard Arabic, University of Oslo
1995: Modern Standard Arabic (two semesters), Bir Zeit University, Ramallah
1991: Nadderud High School: Examen artium


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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Høigilt, Jacob & Frida Austvoll Nome (2014) Egyptian Salafism in Revolution, Journal of Islamic Studies 25(1): 33–55.
Vogt, Kari & Frida Austvoll Nome (2008) Islamic Education in Qom: Contemporary Developments, Acta Orientalia 69: 35–75.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Strained Harmony: Religious Diversity in Syria, report to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2005) Studying the Other: An evaluation of the Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies, MADAR, evaluation report for Norad.


Nome, Frida Austvoll (2005) Langs smuglerruta [The Smugglers' Trail]. Oslo: Cappelen. En reise blant flyktninger, lykkejegere og menneskesmuglere.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2002) Martyrbrigadene [The Martyrs' Brigades]. Oslo: Cappelen.

Popular Article

Nome, Frida Austvoll (2007) En evig demonstrasjon [An Eternal Demonstration], Ny tid, 7 March.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2007) Dialog er også normalt [Dialogue is also Normal], Aftenposten, 7 January.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2007) Ormebol [Viper's Nest], Ny Tid, 7 January.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Når flagg taler [When Flags Speak], Ny Tid, 6 December.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Et selvstendig Norge i Libanon [An Independent Norway in Lebanon], Dagbladet, 6 December.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Mellomkrigstid i Libanon [Interwar period in Lebanon], Ny Tid, 6 November.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Det tapte Paradiset [Paradise Lost], Ny Tid, 2 November.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Vår svart-hvite verden [Our Black and White World], Ny Tid, 22 September.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Seierherrene i Midtøsten [The Conquerors in the Middle East], Aftenposten, 22 August.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Ryddesjau i Midtøsten [Tidying up the Middle East], Ny Tid, 28 July.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Adam og Jonatan [Adam and Jonathan], Ny Tid, 30 June.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Eksotiske fristelser [Exotic Temptations], Ny tid, 2 June.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Løgn og tilgivelse [Lies and Forgiveness], Ny tid, 5 May.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Til ungdommen [For the Youth], Ny Tid, 31 March.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Frykten for demokratiet [Fearing Democracy], Ny Tid, 3 February.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2006) Overivrige myndigheter, Dagbladet, 18 January.
Nome, Frida Austvoll (2005) Islam er selvmordsbombernes språk [Islam is the Language of Suicide Bombers ], Dagbladet, 17 November.
Carling, Jørgen & Frida Austvoll Nome (2005) Hvem er menneskesmuglerne? [Who are the Human Smugglers?], Dagbladet, 1 February.
Haukeland, Jon; Evan Westvang & Frida Austvoll Nome (2004) Okkupantenes fotoalbum [The Occupiers' Photo Album], Morgenbladet, 20 August.

PRIO Policy Brief

Nome, Frida Austvoll (2008) Engaging Religion To Reduce Tension: The Case of Syria and Lebanon, PRIO Policy Brief, 1. Oslo: PRIO.