Bertil Nygren

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Baev, Pavel K. (2011) The Russian Army as a Crumbling Keystone in the European Security Architecture, in Bertil Nygren, ed., The Russian Armed Forces in Transition. London: Routledge (200–225).
Baev, Pavel K. (2010) Russia in the Caucasus: Exploiting the Victory for Building a Position of Strength, in Nygren, Bertil; Bo Huldt; Patrik Ahlgren; Pekka Sivonen; & Susanna Huldt, eds, Russia on Our Minds: Russian Security Policy and Northern Europe. Stockholm: The Swedish National Defence College (157–176).
Pursiainen, Christer; Vilhelm Konnander; Pavel K. Baev; Jakob Hedenskog; Ingmar Oldberg & Bertil Nygren (2005) Counter-Terrorism as a Building Block for Putin's Regime, in Russia as a Great Power: Dimensions of Security under Putin. Abingdon: (323–344).