Björn Hettne

Björn Hettne is a Contributor on a PRIO project or a publication with a PRIO person, and is otherwise not associated with PRIO.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Hettne, Björn (1991) Security and Peace in Post Cold War Europe, Journal of Peace Research 28(3): 279–294.
Hettne, Björn (1983) Peace and Development. Contradictions and Compatibilities, Journal of Peace Research 20(4): 329–342.
Hettne, Björn (1980) Soldiers and Politics: The Case of Ghana, Journal of Peace Research 17(2): 173–193.
Hettne, Björn (1976) The Vitality of Gandhian Tradition, Journal of Peace Research 13(3): 227–245.

PRIO Report

Lodgaard, Sverre; Björn Hettne; Jyrki Käkönen; Peter Wallensteen; & Håkan Wiberg (1991) Norden, Europe and the Near Future, PRIO Report, 3. Oslo: PRIO.