John R. Oneal

John R. Oneal is a Contributor on a PRIO project or a publication with a PRIO person, and is otherwise not associated with PRIO.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Hegre, Håvard; John R. Oneal & Bruce M. Russett (2010) Trade Does Promote Peace: New Simultaneous Estimates of the Reciprocal Effects of Trade and Conflict, Journal of Peace Research 47(6): 763–774.
Hegre, Håvard; Michael Mousseau & John R. Oneal (2003) How the Wealth of Nations Conditions the Liberal Peace, European Journal of International Relations 9(2): 277–314.
Russett, Bruce M. & John R. Oneal (2000) A Response to Huntington, Journal of Peace Research 37(5): 611–612.
Russett, Bruce M.; Michaelene Cox & John R. Oneal (2000) Clash of Civilizations, or Realism and Liberalism Déjà Vu? Some Evidence, Journal of Peace Research 37(5): 583–608.
Russett, Bruce M. & John R. Oneal (1999) Assessing the Liberal Peace with Alternative Specifications: Trade Still Reduces Conflict, Journal of Peace Research 36(4): 423–442.
de Soysa, Indra & John R. Oneal (1999) Boon or Bane? Reassessing the Effects of Foreign Capital on Economic Growth, American Sociological Review 64(5): 766–782.
Oneal, John R.; Zeev Maoz; Frances H. Oneal & Bruce M. Russett (1996) The Liberal Peace: Interdependence, Democracy, and International Conflict, 1950-85, Journal of Peace Research 33(1): 11–28.

Book Chapter

Bussmann, Margit; Indra de Soysa & John R. Oneal (2009) Globalization and Income Inequality in the Developing World, in Masamichi Sasaki, ed., New Frontiers in Comparative Sociology. Leiden: BRILL (351–378).
Park, Yong-Hee & John R. Oneal (1998) But Power and Wealth Are Satisfying: A Reply to Lemke and Reed, in Journal of Conflict Resolution. (517–520).