Mats Berdal

Institution: King's College London
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Book Chapter

Harpviken, Kristian Berg (2012) Warlordism: Three Biographies From Southeastern Afghanistan, in Suhrke, Astri; & Mats Berdal, eds, The Peace In Between: Post-War Violence and Peacebuilding. London: Routledge (173–191).
Lujala, Päivi; Siri Aas Rustad & Philippe Le Billon (2010) Valuable Natural Resources in Conflict-Affected States, in Berdal, Mats; & Achim Wennmann, eds, Ending Wars, Consolidating Peace: Economic Perspectives. New York: IISS (121–136).
de Soysa, Indra (2000) The Resource Curse: Are Civil Wars Driven by Rapacity or Paucity?, in Berdal, Mats; & David Malone, eds, Greed and Grievance: Economic Agendas in Civil Wars. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Report - External Series

Godal, Bjørn Tore; Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv; Mats Berdal; Torgeir Hagen; Gro Nystuen; Kristian Berg Harpviken; Sten Rynning; Astri Suhrke; Rolf Tamnes; & Torunn Wimpelmann Chaudhary (2016) En god alliert – Norge i Afghanistan 2001–2014, Norges offentlige utredninger, 8. Oslo: DSS.