Karl Ove Moene

Working Group Leader: Conflict and Economic Performance. Professor of Economics, University of Oslo

Karl Ove Moene
Karl Ove Moene left PRIO in 2012. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.


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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Høyland, Bjørn; Karl Ove Moene & Fredrik Willumsen (2012) The Tyranny of International Index Rankings, Journal of Development Economics 97(1): 1–31.
Barth, Erling & Karl Ove Moene (2012) Employment as a Price or a Prize of Equality: A Descriptive Analysis, Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies 2(2): 5–22.
Torvik, Ragnar; Halvor Mehlum & Karl Ove Moene (2006) Cursed by Resources or Institutions?, World Economy 29(8): 1117–1131.
Moene, Karl Ove; Halvor Mehlum & Ragnar Torvik (2006) Institutions and the Resource Curse, Economic Journal 116(508): 1–20.
Moene, Karl Ove & Halvor Mehlum (2006) Fighting Against the Odds, Economics of Governance 7(1): 75–87.
Mehlum, Halvor; Karl Ove Moene & Ragnar Torvik (2003) Predator or Prey: Parasite Enterprises in Economic Development, European Economic Review 47(2): 275–294.
Mehlum, Halvor; Karl Ove Moene & Ragnar Torvik (2002) Plunder & Protection Inc., Journal of Peace Research 39(4): 447–459.

Book Chapter

Mehlum, Halvor; Karl Ove Moene & Ragnar Torvik (2008) Institutions and the Resource Curse, in Congleton, Roger D.; Arye L. Hillman; & K.A. Konrad, eds, 40 Years of Research on Rent Seeking, Volume 2. Berlin: Springer (245–264).
Torvik, Ragnar; Karl Ove Moene & Halvor Mehlum (2006) Parasites, in Poverty Traps. Princeton, NJ: .

Popular Article

Moene, Karl Ove (2004) Maktens paradoks, Dagens Næringsliv, 11 September.
Moene, Karl Ove (2004) Oljerik og fattig [Oil Rich and Poor], Dagens Næringsliv, 7 August.

Conference Paper

Mehlum, Halvor & Karl Ove Moene (2001) Contested Power and Political Instability, presented at Economics and Politics of Civil War: Launching a Case-Study Project, Oslo, 11 June.

Report - Other

Mehlum, Halvor; Karl Ove Moene; & Ragnar Torvik (2008) Mineral Rents and Social Development in Norway, UNRISD project "Financing Social Policy". Oslo: University of Oslo.