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Patty Chang is a Contributor on a PRIO project or a publication with a PRIO person, and is otherwise not associated with PRIO.

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Olsson, Louise; Cristal Downing; Sophie Buddenhorn; Patty Chang; Pablo Castillo-Díaz & Sofía Rivas (2022) Moving from Paper to Practice on UN Security Council Language on Women, Peace, and Security in Conflict-affected Contexts, United Nations University Centre for Policy Research: Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace, Equitable Development and Migration, 9 March.
Chang, Patty; Louise Olsson & Angela Muvumba Sellström (2021) Advancing Women, Peace and Security in the UN Security Council: Critical Choices for Elected Member States, IPI Global Observatory, 7 October.

Conference Paper

Olsson, Louise; Patty Chang & Angela Muvumba Sellström (2021) Understanding E10 strategies and influence: Sweden and Women, Peace and Security in the UN Security Council, presented at International Studies Association Annual Convention, Online, April 6.

PRIO Paper

Olsson, Louise; Angela Muvumba Sellström; Patty Chang; Torunn L. Tryggestad; Peter Wallensteen & Ingebjørg Finnbakk (2021) Sweden as an Elected Member of the UN Security Council: Promoting Women, Peace and Security as Core Council Business, 2017–18, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

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Klugman, Jeni; Amie Gaye; Patty Chang; Arjun Krishnan; Marianne Dahl; & Roudabeh Kishi (2017) Women, Peace, and Security Index 2017/18: Tracking Sustainable Peace through Inclusion, Justice, and Security for WomenWashington, DC: GIWPS and PRIO.