Two Top-Ten PRIO Journals!


27 June 2017

Two Top-Ten PRIO Journals!
Photo: Thomson Reuters

The 2016 impact factor (IF) from InCites Journal Citation Reports is now out, and PRIO is extremely happy to once again have two journals within the top-10 on the 2-year ranking in International Relations. 

This is the impact factor that traditionally gets most attention in research communities, but it is even more impressing that both journals in fact have been within the top-ten of the more stable 5-year impact ranking ever since 2013! It is an exceptional achievement by all standards.

This year, Security Dialogue clocked in as no. 6 out of 96 journals with a 2-year IF of 2.692 (up from no. 20 in 2015), and JPR retained its position within top-ten, ranked as no. 10 with an IF of 2.284. 

On the 5-year impact factor, JPR is now ranked as no. 5 with Security Dialogue right behind as no. 6.  JPR is also ranked as no. 24 in Political Science. Security Dialogue is not ranked in this category.  

Both journals also currently have high rankings on other lists, including Scopus and Google Scholar Metrics.

​Top ten journals in International Relations

​Journal​Total Cites​Journal Impact Factor​5 Year Impact Factor
World Politics
​2​Review of International Political Economy
​3​Internation Organization
​4​International Security
​5​Journal of Conflict Resolution​3900​2.947​3.258
​6​Security Dialogue​1069​2.692​3.155
​7​Foreign Affairs
​8​Review of International Organizations​345​2.429​2.437
​9​Common Market Law Review​772​2.318​2.105
​10​Journal of Peace Research​3331​2.284​3.176

Source: Thomson Incites Reuters Journal Citation Reports (behind paywall)