CO-DUTIES Launch Workshop

Please note: This page refers to an event that has already taken place.

Time: Mon 09 (13:00) - Tue 10 (16:00) May 2022
Place: Soria Moria Hotel

CO-DUTIES Launch Workshop
Photo: Kristoffer Lidén

​This workshop will kick off the CO-DUTIES project to share ideas, plan deliverables, and develop core project ideas.

​This project launch workshop will bring together project members and external researchers to present and discuss topics such as the Covid-19 lockdown, uneven burdens, dimensions of duty and compliance. The team members will be joined by four external researchers who share their insights. Svenn-Erik Mamelund will present results showing that social inequality was forgotten in pandemic preparedness. Sigrun Marie Foss and Ella Marie Sandbakken will discuss difficulties in compliance with measures enforced in a pandemic with a focus on their article "Pushing Too Far? The Case of the Norwegian Cabin Ban and the Dictator's Dilemma in COVID-19 Measures". Kristian Bjørkdahl's presentation will revolve around the paradox of openness and conformity in the governing of Norway during the Covid-19 pandemic. By bringing all of this together, we will be able to discuss the way forward with the CO-DUTIES project.