This website refer to the old version of the PRIO-GRID. Please visit for the updated version 2.0


09.11.2015 - The PRIO-GRID version 2.0 has been released. Please see:

30.10.2015 - PRIO-GRID v.2.0 due for release, this fall, with updated time coverage, additional physical and socio-economic variables, as well as a new data portal for simplified download procedures

15.03.2012 - PRIO-GRID v.1.01 released.


Please cite:

Tollefsen, Andreas Forø; Håvard Strand & Halvard Buhaug (2012) PRIO-GRID: A unified spatial data structure. Journal of Peace Research 49(2): 363-374.

Access the article here


The PRIO-Grid data set is a spatio-temporal grid structure constructed to aid the compilation, management and analysis of spatial data within a time-consistent framework. It consists of quadratic grid cells that jointly cover all terrestrial areas of the world.

Each grid cell contains cell-specific information on armed conflicts, socio-economic conditions, ethnic groups, physical attributes, climatic conditions and more. Please see the codebook for a complete overview of all the variables included in the PRIO-GRID dataset.


Please contact Andreas Forø Tollefsen (andreas(at) if you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding the PRIO-GRID dataset.

Please feel free to suggest spatial data you would like to see included in the PRIO-GRID.


PRIO-GRID Codebook (v1.01)


PRIO-GRID point and cell shapefiles (only geometry):

Important: The PRIO-GRID is currently only available in STATA format and CSV. Please contact if you need other formats. Regarding the STATA format, please see:

Remember that the CSV files will increase when unpacked.

Filename Stata CSV
Distance v1.01
Conflict v1.01
Confsitegrid v1.01
Confsiteoldgrid v1.01
Socioeco v1.01
Physclimate v1.01
GeoEPR Grid v1.01
Globcover v1.01
Nordhaus v1.01