Data on Governance

CSCW has been involved in providing data to study governance issues in civil war, partly by making available Tatu Vanhanen's Polyarchy dataset and by contributing to the Polity project's democracy dataset. We have also compiled MIRPS which is a combination of the two datasets.

This page contains replication data for Gates et al. (2006), "Institutional Inconsistency and Political Instability: Persistence and Change in Political Systems Revisited, 1800-2000", along with several alternative versions of the MIRPS dataset.
The Polity IIId project
In collaboration with Keith Jaggers and Ted R. Gurr, the authors of this article in 1996–97 added more accurate start and end dates to the Polity III data as they were available at that time.

The Polyarchy dataset
The Polyarchy dataset is compiled by Tatu Vanhanen, emeritus professor at the University of Tampere and at the University of Helsinki, and covers 187 countries over the period 1810 to 2000.