Geographical and Resource Datasets

The geography concept covers a large set of inherent, pervasive factors that shape opportunities for action and interaction. Below, we offer a number of datasets on specific aspects of geography that are often considered to influence the risk and nature of interstate and intrastate conflict.

Diamond Resources
The diamonds dataset offers a comprehensive list of all known diamond deposits throughout the world. Each deposit is coded with precise geographic coordinates, geological form of the diamond, and dates of discovery and first production.

Length of International Boundaries
The Boundary Dataset contains measurements of all international boundary lengths between members of the international system and their changes since 1815.

Minimum distance data (external link)
The database records the shortest distance in statute kilometers between points on the outer boundaries for two polities, regardless of whether the states are separated by land or sea, given the borders in place in a particular time period.

Petroleum Dataset
The petroleum datasets contain information on all known oil and gas deposits throughout the world. Two datasets are available: one for on-shore deposits and anonther for off-shore deposits.

Shared River Basin Database
These data thus allow investigating the importance of e.g. relative location (upstream vs. downstream), non-contiguous river-sharing dyads, and relative magnitude of the water resource.

Shared Rivers
The shared rivers dataset contains yearly observations of all contiguous pairs of states, 1816–1992, as defined by the Correlates of War contiguity dataset.