Contact Information

Please note: PRIO is located in Oslo, Norway. Our timezone is Central European Time.


Visiting / delivery address (how to find)

Hausmanns gate 3
NO-0186 Oslo


Mailing address

PO Box 9229 Grønland
NO-0134 Oslo



See the pages of Journal of Peace Research or Security Dialogue for their contact information.


Phone and email

If you need to talk to a specific person, you can find their contact information in the people section. For general requests, contact our reception, which is open 08:30-16:00 CET, Mon-Fri.


(+47) 22 54 77 00


(+47) 22 54 77 01



Media contact - Communication Department

For press, media inquiries, publications and similar, our Communication Department can help. Contact information for PRIO's communication team can be found below:

Agnete Schjønsby

Communication Director
Mobile: (+47) 905 71 503

Indigo Trigg-Hauger


Mobile: (+47) 922 18 692


Invoicing PRIO

How to submit invoices to PRIO

All PRIO's Norwegian vendors and collaborating partners submitting invoices and credit notes to PRIO are encouraged do so applying the 'Elektronisk HandelsFormat' (EHF).

Address for submitting invoices on EHF-format to PRIO

The address for invoices on EHF-format is Institutt for Fredsforskning, organisation number: 847353732


Getting started sending invoices on EHF-format

If a vendor does not have in place its own system for issuing invoices on the EHF-format, it is possible to benefit from services available at a number of web portals to send EHF-invoices. For an overview of systems to create EHF-invoices, and web portals for simplified solutions that may be applied, please click here.


Requirements for invoices submitted to PRIO in the EHF-format


Submission of PDF invoices from vendors and collaborating partners abroad

An invoice submitted as an attachment to an e-mail sent will be forwarded to the processing queue in PRIO's solution for interpretation and verification of incoming invoices.


Requirements for invoices submitted to PRIO by e-mail

  • The invoice must be in one of these formats: PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF or TIF.
  • Invoices on invalid file formats will not be processed.
  • Include only one attachment/invoice per e-mail.
  • Do not enter any invoice information in the e-mail itself, only in the attachment. Text in the e-mail's subject or content field will not be read or processed.
  • A link to an invoice, included in the e-mail, will not be processed or forwarded to the interpreter program.
  • The invoice must provide the name of a reference person at PRIO to avoid delays in the processing of the invoice.